ALTON ESSA 16005 Brass Single Lever Basin Mixer/Hot & Cold Bathroom Basin Faucet (Chrome)

Features :
  • Sleek beautiful modern single faucet. Chrome is of good quality, anti-corrosion, anti-tarnish. Ultra modern faucet for your bathroom vanity. This faucet is a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Very aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet:This design is an upgraded version based on the graceful posture of the athletes in the Olympic diving project, and considers the dangers of sharp design and ALTON's own mission, hoping to provide safer water equipment for every family
  • Chrome Finished Resist Corrosion and Tarnishing Through Eeveryday Use. Ceramic Disc Valves Exceed Industry Longevity Standards, Ensuring Durable Performance for Life.
  • The World's Top Bubbler Arichitecture,Using Original Swiss NEOPERL Imported Bubbler.The Ijtrduction of Air into Water Bulbbler Which Gives out Soft Water and Will not Splash
  • Build High Quality. Made of high quality brass. Handle operates smoothly and it is easy to select desired temperature. Turns off just by lowering the handle with a light touch, but stays where you put it when operating.

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Product Description

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It is a wonderful way of design, its handle and about has been prepared in a special Materials. A variety of styles designed to complement today's decors to faucets that perfectly balance your water pressure, Alton sets the standard for exceptional beauty and reliable, innovative design.

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Featuring a simple, streamlined design, the faucet lets you easily adjust both water volume and temperature with its single lever handle.

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Water technology has been used for this kitchen sink faucet. the aerator in it a spacial design for intelligent softening bubbler, no splash, softening foaming and powerful cleaning.

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ALTON faucet climb the layer up to 7 layers. which shows the tap as a mirror look and protects the tap from dust mites for a long time and always keeps it fresh

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Special feature this faucet in coin slot aerator you can open the easily and clean, no require any other tool, require only coin and open the coin.

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High quality copper Material Less than 0.25 percentage total lead content by weight average. Which shows the tap as a mirror look and protects the tap from dust mites for a long time and always keeps it

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The five-layer electroplating can create an extremely deep, thick and even clad layers. In addition, the molecular structure among various clad layers (including copper, nickel and chrome plating) is compact, thus bringing about an effect of mirror-like brightness and shininess. These clad layers can prevent dust and dirt, can resist scratch and will never fade.

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The unique valve element is made of advanced ceramic, and has a special lubricating layer. The unique oil-storage inverted trough design ensures that products will still be as smooth as ever after being used for many years.

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The precise internal structure, hydro mechanical design and top configuration selection of all products of ALTON have ensured that they can be used smoothly and freely without any noise.

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Use constant-current bubbler imported, which can overcome the defect of traditional bubblers: the higher the water pressure is; the bigger the water flow will be. When water pressure exceeds 0.14Mpa, the water flow will remain constant.

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Maintenance is simple with ALTON Speed Clean technology, which protects the spray aerator against limescale buildup. Cleaning is as easy as wiping a finger across the aerator face- Remove lime scale with a single wipe.

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Technology not only offers a unique smoothness of operation, but also encourages responsible management of energy and water. In cold-water mode and positioned mid-lever, the ES technology springs into life. This eliminates opening the faucet in the mixed hot-and-cold water mode, saving energy by avoiding the unnecessary heating of water for daily rituals like cleaning your teeth or washing your hands.

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Height of the spout allows easy filling of large pots.

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The unique patent technology can prevent the sudden change of temperature attributed to unbalanced pressure at the end of cold and hot water in the process of showering, and can accurately ensure a water temperature difference of ±1°within one second at the time of outflow. The switch preposition patent technology can ensure the balanced inflow of the cold and hot water, thus solving such problems as incrustation and the channeling of cold and hot water. In addition, water-break protection function has been specially set. When either cold or hot water breaks, the water supply can be switched off quickly, thus preventing human body from being scalded or frozen.